Sunday, 14 January 2018

Final Thoughts On Global Issues Novel

Wow!! What better could I ask for from such a fantastic book? The reading of Does My Head Look Big In This has come to an end and I would like to discuss how it was and why I believe it should be a part of the global issues novel study. Reading this book has been a blast but sharing my thoughts with those of you examining these posts has been almost as interesting. The main issue that was clearly trying to be portrayed was the issues of racism around the world. To be more specific, the author was trying to represent the inequality in society through presenting hard times that muslim females must go through to wear their hijabs and follow their passions within religion. This allows the book to become an amazing candidate for the global issues novel study due to the amount of awareness that it raises around the muslim culture while also keeping the reader engaged and stuck within the thoughts that is trying to be portrayed through Amal’s character.

As I said before, the author made this book very engaging and tries her best to show you the perspective of Amal’s life in the best way possible. This Caused me to become very curious and inquiry focused when reading the book thus allowing for a fluent read of the book.I found the book was really able to provoke a few of emotions in me with the use of humor and dramatic situations although I would still consider it a fairly light read when comparing to the rest of these global issues novels. To settle things, if you are debating on whether to get it or not, I would highly suggest you do as I did find it to be very interesting and mind activating even though I am male and may have found some of these situations odd.

If I were to recommend this book to a specific group of readers, I would suggest it for those that are more involved in understanding the lives of teenagers and the lifestyle that they seek to obtain. Targeting this book at a specific gender may be a bit of an issue although if you are into the gossip and lifestyle of females and their way of viewing their environment, I would give this book an amazing thumbs up. This is just because when I was scanning their opinions on the world or others, I find myself to be in a very awkward mindset and sometimes had troubles understanding their thoughts of others.

In conclusion, this book was an amazing read and would hands down be a high ranking book for the general population when considering the personalities of others. I thought it distributed the global issue of racism and hijabs with great detail but still keeping the story normal and as relatable to young teens as possible. As I end this blog post, I would like you to reflect on the impacts that you can make to help limit the effect that we have on the mindset of others like amal and how you are seen by people like her.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Amal's Room Sketch Entry #5

If you had to draw a sketch of Amal's room, how would you draw it? What features would you add and why? Within the Image that I have posted just above, I have tried to create a sketch of what Amal’s room would look like through the simple knowledge that I have gathered throughout the entire book. Exploring the book was a fun and mindful time to me but exploring the thoughts and personality of Amal gave me a whole new dimension to think about when considering those around me.

To share this deep information and show you her life through my perspective, I have created a custom room that I believe would fit Amal’s personality perfectly. This room consists of multiple features and intended decisions that reflect the specific qualities that I have listed below. Most of them are a reflection of her views of social aspects such as looks, religion or social interactions. I found it surprisingly easy creating a space that I feel will be of comfort to Amal and a general area that she can relate with and feel safe in all because of the details that I was able to gather from the book that I thought connected deeply with her.

Building a relation with Amal’s characteristics in the book showed me her deep qualities and love for privacy, fashion, looks, courage, beliefs, bonds and goals while also giving me an understanding of the lifestyle and hard times that she must go through to retain a good and healthy life. This is why I challenge you to think about the ways that you may try and work around issues if you had to make decisions like those of Amal and what you would feel like if negative judgment and understandings from others were as evident as those in this book. If you wish to read the full explanation for the specific details within this image, please click here.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Views Of Minor Characters, Entry #4

This book has made a lot of progression now that I am near the end but a lot of the opinions and thoughts of other characters within the book have not had a clear entry point. This caused me to think about what this situation would have been like in the perspective of Adam, a very close friend of Amal.

Unlike Amal, Adam is not muslim and has not shown any evidence of following any type of religion. At the beginning of the book during the rising action where Amal first whore her hijab, Adam seemed shocked. It was very clear that his understanding of her decision to wear the hijab was not present. This behavior was found multiple times in the book. I knew that Adam was surprised by these sudden actions but being a good friend I saw him to still love Amal in a friend sort of way and still see her for who she really was. When others like Tia tried to humiliate her in front of others he would sometimes review and help rebuild her personal mindset even when he did not completely comprehend her religious beliefs either.

A major situation that stood out to me was when Amal arrived at Adams birthday party and they nearly kissed each other. Amal rejected the kiss and tried her best to explained to Adam that her religion forbids sexual contact before marriage (page 240-245). This created anger to build up within Adam which was fueled by this situation combined with his misunderstanding of Amal’s decision therefor making things extremely tense between the two.

Later Adam did find the courage to recover his good emotions and made it up to Amal in a way allowing them to continue to be friends. I believe that Adam is a good role model in this book since he does not understand Amal’s full situations but still respects her and does understand that her beliefs and decisions are hers to make even when he is in or or suffering from a tough situations allowing them to get along just fine. This represents needs within society in the way that such misunderstanding can lead people to negative mindsets resulting in catastrophes unlike Adams situation.

Relative Rights and Freedoms, Entry #3

Now that I have ventured more then half way into the book, I am beginning to develop a general thought as to what the major issue is going to be in the book. To start things off, Amal is identified as a muslim thus creating possible incorrect stereotypes and thoughts to be assumed by those surrounding her just as stated in the previous entry. The plot of the story is based greatly around her school life and the interactions she has with her friends, family, staff and more becoming an amazing foundation when it comes to a story on social issues.

When comparing the social issues within the book to the charter of rights and freedoms, I find that equality rights are by far the most relative and defiant rights within the individual category within the charter of rights and freedoms. This opinion is based greatly on the way that people mistreat Amal due to her race showing the major inequality beliefs of those that run against her. An example of this is when Amal applied for a job at a restaurant and the manager decided to reject her through saying “the position has been filled” all because of the way that she looked. I believe that this issue may also be applied to fundamental freedoms. This is because Amal has the freedom to express her opinion and religion in her own ways but is clearly having issues with it as some of her peers have very diverse thoughts that may lead to a large personal war between these people.

Due to the fact that Amal is from a separate culture and heritage, the possibilities that her and/or her family members came from a separate language group is high. This provides a possible relation between her family and the labeled minority language rights within the collective rights category of the charter of rights and freedom. I believe that the possible language difference may have been an issue in her past or even possibly a bit in the present even though I have not found this book to highlight language as a part of this specific issued situation.

Angering Parts Entry, #2

Now that I have read two fifths of the book does my head look big in this, I have come to realize how angry I got when crossing specific scenes within the book. There were multiple scenes within the book that emphasized how open and vulnerable muslims are in society. It shows how we just can't leave them alone within politics and social issues as they are always forced into situations that they are not apart of because of some issue outside of their control and understanding. A big example occurs when Amal is sitting at school and Tia walks up on both Monday and Tuesday to say “Hey Amal, did you watch the interview of those girls who got raped by those Lebanese Muslims” and “Did you catch that documentary on the Muslim fundamentals last night? You’re Arab aren't you?” (Page 154-155). This just shows how her classmates are always asking her about the news and articles surrounding the islamic culture and current events. It represents the way that we address these issues, overestimate them and relate them to the lifestyle of religious people in extreme ways.

Clearly anger has already protruded through within the but to make these emotions even worse the author decided to add multiple more characters to provoke the fact that society is to stubborn and less accepting. There were multiple pages where characters were introduced but were so rudely trying to humiliate Amal for her religious beliefs. Its extremely angering how they can’t understand that she is a person of respect and kindness but these people just see her as a religious freak and don't even bother to try and understand her world views. A major example of this was on page 160 where the bus driver purposely puts on a radio station about the violent views of Muslims just to mortify Amal for her beliefs. People like this bus driver create major obstacles for the progression of society as they break bonds between groups of people decreasing our ability to merge, share and understand each other forcing a mindset of hatred upon the rest of them and maybe even the rest of us.

Friday, 15 December 2017

Amal's Character Development, Entry #1

The book Does My Head Look Big In This? Has been amazing up until the point that I am at and I have really found a relation with Amal in this book as she travels through her teenage, high school life.So far in the book, Amal has already had to face multiple challenges but what surprised me is the fact that many of her friends are placed in relative states which gives me a lot of thoughts of how these relatable and unique friends will interact with each other later in the book. Amal herself is a very ambitious character and has very strong beliefs in her faith and world equality. Even though she has had little problems so far, this characteristic becomes a major weapon when interacting with her rivals and defense for her and her friends. An example of this is when Tia ate a sandwich and tried to humiliate Simone through saying “No, seriously girls. Feel this potbelly. Look” (Page 78) and revealing a flat stomach thus giving Simone a deep lack of confidence. This caused Amal to stand up for her and return her feelings through saying “You’re right, Tia” “you’ve put on weight. You should watch your figure…” (Page 78) resulting in a massive fight. The verbal fight that was shown reflects the amount of love and respect she has for her friends while also proving her qualities of confidence and strong equality beliefs.

Over the past pages, Amal has been standing up for her friends but has sometimes found an inconsistency in doing so as she was found exceedingly nervous at the coffee shop on page 84. This becomes another major mystery and possible part of her identity that may affect the way the book will be shaped.

Another thing that I would like to bring up is her decisions that were brought up in the book and how the dynamics of Amal’s character have already been having an affect on her. Through the beginning of the book, Amal has found a lot of her roots stuck within the realm of looks and makeup but is slowly drifting away from that as she begins to explore new perspectives and begins to understand the world. This transformation resulted in her decision of wearing a hijab which in turn gave growth and understanding to her identity later in the book. Combining with this is another fueling factor that caused her to where her hijab of course being her religion as she is of the Muslim community. This may result in a few obstacles in the future due to some stereotypes that have already been referred to by the author when. An example of this is when Amal thought to herself about how the chances that she will get kidnapped is low due to the fact that many label people like Amal as terrorists (page 84).

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Does My Head Look Big In This?

Does My Head Look Big In This?

The main reasons why i chose this book is due to the recommendations by Miss Vetagas and the humor that she said was in the book. Personally I quite enjoy humorous stories leaving excitement in me to read this book. Of course another reason for the selection of this book is the story behind the book and how the culture of people may affect their quality of life and how the rest of society reacts to this.


Changes will be made within the schedule of the novel study based on any unexpected events or interest within the book but these will only be minor and will likely not disrupt this schedule by too much.